SousChef 1.2.4

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SousChef is a beautifully presented application which looks great and should make you a better organized and creative, if not a better cook. View full description


  • Well presented and thought out
  • Allows you to search user recipes
  • Easy to import recipes
  • Spoken cooking instructions


  • Speech function seemed a bit bug ridden
  • Speech function only available in full screen mode

Very good

SousChef is a beautifully presented application which looks great and should make you a better organized and creative, if not a better cook.

SousChef is really complete in every way - you can search for the programs own recipes, those generated online by users, or by just entering the ingredients you've got in your kitchen and see what it throws up.

Most SousChef recipes are illustrated with pictures although it would have been nice to have had pictures showing the cooking process as well as the finished product. The search cloud function is my favorite - you can access recipes placed online by users (using tags) that mean you have a window to a whole range of user generated recipes you may not normally find in a cookbook. The SousChef community is still quite small but this will surely grow as the app grows in popularity.

Meanwhile, if you fancy taking your Mac into the kitchen, SousChef will talk you through the whole cooking process with a generic voice of your choosing. Having your Mac in the kitchen is obviously potentially hazardous although I guess you could just turn the volume up in another room! The annoying thing about this feature however is that it's only available in full-screen mode and I found the speech to be rather buggy stopping and starting erratically. You can stop and start the speech using voice commands or a remote which makes it ideal for hard of hearing users.

Importing recipes with SousChef is also very easy. Like tearing a page out of a magazine, it allows you to drag and select a recipe you've seen and import it whole into your database with the tags you provide. Finally, there's a blogging function to blog directly about your latest creations although it doesn't specify which platforms it is integrated with and is only available in the full version of SousChef.

Elegantly presented, well thought out and most importantly, inspiring you to be a better cook, SousChef is the creme-de-la-creme.


  • Features:
  • SousChef's in-application store now supports coupon codes
  • The JRFeedback project was integrated so that Users can now send feedback
  • directly via the Help menu
  • Bugs:
  • Recipe editing is all around more stable
  • Fixed the bug where pressing Return would remove directions
  • Fixed the bug where long ingredients would cause a RecipeIngredient deletion
  • error or Multiple Validation error and then not allow you to add more recipes
  • Fixed bug with selection when moving from a longer recipe to a shorter one
  • Fixed bug where the selection box would get stuck below the recipe
  • Importing now works for text copied from Google Chrome
  • Improvements made to PDF import

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SousChef 1.2.4

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